Google Maps Street View - Port Elizabeth

Google Maps Street View is a very popular feature which is already available in over 100 metropolitan areas worldwide. Users can navigate areas and neighbourhoods through panoramic views taken at street level. This feature is also available on Google Earth and Google Maps for Mobile.

According to South African website Emarketing Trends, Stephen Newton from Google South Africa announced on the 1st of September that Google will start collecting images in the major cities of South Africa with an eye on the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup to be hosted in our country. With the World Cup fever mounting world wide, people are keen to get a taste of South Africa and experience some of our diverse culture.

In the Herald (Port Elizabeth) today it was reported that residents in Port Elizabeth have spotted the Google Maps vehicle around the city. The vehicle is a Toyota Prius with a Google Street Maps sign on the side. It has a large metal frame mounted on the roof with a camera on top. So if you happened across this vehicle, smile broadly. You're on candid camera! (did I mention, worldwide?)