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Server migration is never pleasurable, but I must admit, this is the smoothest server migration I have experienced in a long time. Considering that I moved to a different platform, all the way from America, I think I can pat myself on the back. Thank you to my new web hosting company for their help as well as my developer. At one stage I was very close to giving up on the whle thing, but then I remembered, I want to offer my clients the best web hosting possible!

My web hosting is now on a dedicated VPS situated in Cape Town, South Africa. Please view my new web hosting packages.

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The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Noobs

The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Noobs


We've been in the game since 2003 – back when the Internet was still a bratty kid. Our company is ever-expanding, and the individuals behind it have a wide range of qualifications and experience in website design, graphic design, programming, copywriting, web content, SEO and online sales / marketing. Just as important as our skills – we are passionate about what we do, take pride in our work, and have a lot of fun doing it. We are more than just web designers, we help your business grow!