6 Reasons Why You Need A Website

You might have some questions about getting a web design company to put your business online. For example:

1. Does my company really need a website?

Only if you want to reach a broader range of clients or customers, answer your clients’ queries quickly and effectively, attract new customers, break in to new markets and steal customers from your competition.

2. Isn’t it expensive to run a website?

Web design is a three-part process: the development of the site itself, hosting the site, and registering the domain name. Development  is the most expensive element of the three parts, but think about this: are you advertising in print media, or using flyers? Not that cheap, right? And the ad is out in the world one day and gone the next. The fact is that EVERYONE uses the Internet to search for businesses and services these days. The cost of your website is an investment in a valuable marketing tool that YOU own and can continue to use for communication and marketing for as long as you want. It is always up, and always accessible. Can you afford NOT to run your business with a website?

3. I don't sell merchandise online, so why do I need a website?

You may not sell merchandise online, but you still sell something special that people want and are looking for -  your  services and your skills. People will search for those things online just as they will search for consumer items. Will your company come up on the search page results? Will your competitor’s name come up before yours?

4. I’m not very computer-savvy. What if I can’t maintain a website?

To maintain a website, all you need is a computer (the ability to turn it on and off helps!), and be able to send and receive e-mails. We can help you take care of site maintenance and info updates. We even offer you one-on-one training to help you manage your website effectively.

The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Noobs

The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Noobs

5. My friend’s little brother is a web designer in his spare time, and he won’t charge me much.

Is the guy a qualified web designer with years of experience and a deep knowledge and understanding of the marketing principles of online business? Will he be able to answer all your queries and do your updates quickly and effectively? If so, then lucky you. But many of our clients came to us because their previous “website guy” couldn’t do the job – just saying!

6. OK, so I’ve got a website. Why do I need an online marketing strategy?

You’ve probably heard of SEO, blogging, social media marketing, sales funnels and newsletters – perhaps you think those things are just “guerrilla tactics”, maybe a bit pointless and unnecessary, perhaps even irritating! Even if you understand the value of online marketing;  you  need the RIGHT, tailor-made, personalised internet marketing strategy, so you can allocate your advertising resources to the right channels and attract the right customers.

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The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Noobs

The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Noobs


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