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About Our Web Design Company

Not just any old web design company

Crafting websites for the love of building websites

"web design is about what we are, not what we do."

We are a group of creative individuals and strategic thinkers who push boundaries to the nth degree. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but you can bet we take YOUR needs seriously.

Thanks to synergistic skill sets, ongoing education and plain old hard graft, we have created a small but highly effective web design and online marketing agency. We have confidently stood neck and neck with some far bigger players in the business. We have worked with clients from around the globe, and collaborated with international agencies at the top of the internet game.

With every project we take on, we use the most cutting-edge web design tech available -and no shortcuts or dirty hacks allowed! We are Full Stack Developers fluent in PHP, MySQL, Apache, ReactJS and Laravel.

We also have mad love for our growing family of one-page websites for SMEs and startups, which are an affordable option to showcase products, services and selves without skimping on style.

We partner and collaborate with people in the informal business sector and non-profit organisations. We support the DataMustFall and Right2Know movements in their campaigns for affordable data and better information access for all South Africans.

How do we design our websites and marketing strategies?

We make sure to stay informed and relevant when it comes to evolving technology, emerging digital economies and the ever-changing trends in social media. These common goals also mean that some of us are god-tier online gamers, some are avid conspiracy theory researchers, some are enthusiastic hip-hop historians, and all of us drink WAY too much coffee.

087 821 7172

PO Box 211126
The Fig Tree



Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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