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Web Designers Building Human Experiences

"Web Design is about people, not markets."


You've found the skilled and passionate web designers you were looking for.

You're only moments away from taking your first step to building that online empire you've been dreaming up for so long.

The time has come to hand your brainchild over to the web artisans who can make it all become a reality.

Yes, we craft great-looking websites and develop intelligent online software solutions. Our project portfolio speaks for itself, and our hundreds of happy clients will concur.

But looks aren't everything.

More importantly, our web development and digital marketing solutions do what they're supposed to - convert your visitors into long-term loyal customers.

Based in Gqeberha (formerly Port Elizabeth), Black Alsatian has developed websites, online software and marketing campaigns and solutions since 2003.

Pleased to meet you!

Web Designers Who Make Your Business Work For YOU

"a good website is like having a superpower."

Your vision + our skills = win-win situation.

Web design AND development isn't about simply serving up nicely formatted info pages and pretty pictures. On the surface, it's also you and your business's first point of contact with millions of potential clients.

As you know, first impressions are everything and it takes an experienced, knowledgeable and skilled web design company to make you look good when new people step through your door.

There are many web designers out there who create stunning web designs. However, every day you still come across website after website that looks good, but they either load slow, are hard to navigate and it's nearly impossible to find what you need.

This leaves you as the end-user feeling frustrated and disappointed with a bad taste in your mouth.

Why is this? It's easy to put up pretty looking web designs. Creating smooth, fast, responsive and well thought out and planned human interfaces takes years of experience, learning and skills to truly master.

Through custom web design, cutting-edge web development skills and knowledge, and flexible tailor-made digital marketing packages, we create user experiences and interfaces that leave a lasting impression.

Our customers often become long-term business partners and even friends. We continually strive to lead the pack in our field, with the aim of empowering you to lead in yours.

Everything you need to get your brand out on the world-wide web.

"Web Design & Digital Marketing Services"

Full Stack Web Developers with Soul Creating Human Experiences

"code isn't a tool, it's our colleague."

Functionality is the engine of a website, and good website design is its heart.

Your web development company should understand that they are creating human experiences, not just pretty designs on a screen.

At Black Alsatian, we build websites that capture imaginations with no ambiguity, and inspire actions with no hesitation. Your user experience should be as comfortable and natural as breathing.

To create these experiences, we stay absolutely up to date with the latest in web development technologies.

From static one page HTML websites, to fully customised WordPress CMSs with E-Commerce (or even headless WordPress) functionality. From custom online business software solutions with APIs and Progressive Web Apps and advanced content management systems. to CRMs so clean and fast that you'll think you woke up in the future.

Frontend development? Backend Development? WordPress help, customisation or development?

You need it? We got you.

Contact us today and let's build your amazing new home in cyberspace.

Promoting Balanced and Sustainable Digital Ecosystems for SMEs and Startups

"brands should energize the market, not consume it."

In today's highly competitive digital economy, online browsing experiences can make or break a small or medium enterprise. For example, a one-second delay on a page load results in a whopping 7% reduction in conversions.

SMEs, startups, local and niche businesses on a limited budget are vulnerable to web design companies who sell crap-tier web development at premium prices, and offer poor or ZERO marketing strategies.

Black Alsatian believes in promoting SMEs digitally by committing to GOOD web design in our budget packages. There's no reason smaller and less complex websites shouldn't be digital oases of tantalising aesthetics, seamless functionality, refreshing content, and engaging marketing strategies.

Are you an SME or startup? Let us help you create a positive digital experience that showcases your brand AND makes the Internet a better place!

Web Design With Style and Substance

"Great art doesn't just sit there - it earns its keep."

Simple and elegant or bold and ballsy - whatever your vision, our web developers can't wait to make it a reality.

We speak in many languages: JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML5 and MySQL.

We craft using a variety of tools: Laravel, Livewire, WordPress, NodeJS, ReactJS and GatsbyJS.

Armed with these skills we'll create web experiences your clients will enjoy interacting with and you'll be proud to show off.

We dream in code and paint with pixels.

There's no such thing as shortcuts and workarounds - we do what it takes to make greatness happen.

Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions that Breathe Life Into Brands

“never let a customer feel like he’s just settling.”

Nobody knows your business better than you. You’re unique, and your business is too.

That’s why we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all online marketing packages – we take the time to KNOW your brand and how it impacts the world.

Then we craft a multi-tiered solution that turns your business from nice-to-have to absolutely-must-have.

See What Our Clients Say...

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