Facebook Images - What Size Should They Be?

If you use Facebook for your online marketing strategies and include ads, links to your website, promotions and general news - you might have had one of those "That looks BAAADDD. What size should this image be, again?" moments. 

Trial and error might be fine for your personal profile, but you want your business page to be spot on. It can be pretty nervewracking to get it right - and it doesn't really help that The Book of Faces, in its infinite wisdom, has different optimal sizes for all its different pictures. Profile, cover, links and the rest are all completely different!

It helps even less that what works perfectly on desktop might not be as good on mobile. Let's not mention that they change the optimal sizes every couple of years or so. And video size? Eish, there's just too much to know!

Here's a handy infographic with ALL the Facebook pic and video sizes you'll ever need to know, all in one place. Credit to www.techwyse.com

Facebook image sizes and dimensions

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The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Noobs

The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Noobs


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